Sales Operating Partner Service

We provide a year-round service that helps your sales organization to build an environment where systematic weekly, monthly and quarterly improvement becomes the culture. 

The Manager Desk Service

The Manager Desk is a year-round service that helps the manager (Owner, Founders, CEO, Sales Leaders) to maintain the right weekly, monthly and quarterly pace. We run a small app in the background to tie it all together and track commitments and progress, month-to-month and quarter-to- quarter. We act as your outside Sales Operating Partner.

Sales Architecture

  • Weekly Sales Governance tied to senior leadership requirements.
  • Big Metrics that provide the early-warning when we are off track.
  • Manager OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) per Quarter.

Team Enablement

  • Train the key Sales Frameworks (Pipeline, Forecast, Messaging, etc)
  • Individual Go-to-Market Plans for new business account growth.
  • Build Quarter Team Initiatives & Sprints

The Manager Desk Platform

  • Manage Quarterly OKRs for Team and Individuals.
  • Sales Hub with Pipeline & Execution Playbooks, Content and Training.
  • Track critical weekly commitments that maintain the pace.