Equip Your Sales Team to a level that gives confidence to the whole business

The old model of a sales team being a collection of personalities is on the way out.  The modern buyer has no interest in sales personalities. The world has changed.
An elite, respected sales team gives confidence to the whole business. They can do that because they operate within an architecture, they have a playbook and they fine tune their skills and capabilities, weekly. 

A modern B2B Sales Team has 3 supporting pillars:

Architecture: Your business needs to have a strong weekly sales governance routine, where Risk-to-Revenue and Risk-to-Growth are assessed and any corrective action committed to. We have a saying, never miss twice, meaning, never allow a problem nor obstacle to go unattended two weeks in a row. 

Execution: Sales execution is about running the company's prescribed version of the sales playbook. It means everyone saying the same thing in their own words, and following (lightly) prescribed playbooks and plays for lead generation, messaging, discovery, deal management and account development. 

Skills Development: This has always been a huge obstacle to sales performance and hence, results. Competence is no longer an optional extra in sales. Buyers want to deal with consultant-level sellers who are in a Category-of-One. 

We're solving the skills problem, because AI-based training tools are transforming how we learn and practice. 

We can set up your own customized AI-supported Sales Training Studio. It will house the way you want to sell and communicate to the market. 

Sales Architecture Healthcheck

One of the most impactful pieces of work we do is to help you build a better sales architecture. That's foundational work you need to underpin sales capability building. We'll put your CRM to work as it was meant to work and be a support not a blocker for Sales. Click HERE

We can help in 3 ways: 

  1. Fine tune your Sales Architecture. 
  2. Build customized Sales Playbooks and Plays (all digitized).
  3. Fit out, maintain and run your customized AI-powered Sales Training Studio. 

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