Equip Your Sales Team to Bring the Company to its Potential

Your salespeople are your proposition, unless you're a big name. And your sales team is usually your main "funder". 

They need to be equipped in 4 key areas: Pace. Positioning. Pitch. Practice. 

We help you equip the sales team; we're your third force. 

Your sales team is your only evergreen asset. Make the right investments in the right areas. (And it's not "sales training", not as you used to know it!)

  • Use Architecture over processes. 

  • Manage Risk-to-Revenue every week.

  • Minimize Risk-to-Growth every week.

  • Fix the biggest gap in "sales".

  • Align pitches to company positioning. 

  • Magnify your differentiated value.  

  • Practise as a team and individually.

  • Get into the Practice Studio every week.

  • Make sales team cohesion an asset.

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